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Unnecessary Necessities
The largest online store for practical jokes, pranks, gags and more!

Unnecessary Necessities has been a successful business for over 31 years and has thrived in the online industry for over 15 years! While many fly by night dot-coms have come and gone, leaving their customers without the merriment promised, we have always provided quality merchandise at a fair price with excellent customer service - and we will continue to do so! We are proud that you have chosen us to be one of your favorite online stores.

Unnecessary Necessities and its happy band of gypsies have traveled around the Southwest in an attempt to spread laughter and jokes to a straight-faced world.   Now, in trying to spread the merriment further, we have placed a small variety of our practical jokes, gag gifts, pranks, novelities and other fun items on the internet.

We're glad you could join us - please take a minute to browse our site!

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